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How to Turn Your Voice into a Viable,



Attention Vocal Artists! This Free -1hr Masterclass Reveals..


How to avoid the biggest mistakes vocal artists make when trying to establish their career!

The 7 Primary Streams of Income for the Vocal Artist and how to apply each one specifically to YOU!

In This Free Training

You Will Learn...

The Everything Lovely Way SWOT formula to help you save time and money!

And so much more!

Remember, you CAN have a viable, money making career as a vocal artist. Join my Free Masterclass and I will show you exactly how to do it.


I’m Mariah Meshae Kamau (neé Maxwell) and Welcome to Everything Lovely! 

My mission is to bring you the very best of what I have lived and learned to not only teach you how the voice works but to also offer sincere support in helping you live your most expressive and meaningful life.

From singing in national commercials, working as a background vocalist with both legendary and upcoming major label artists, writing and performing for TV/Film and touring as a vocal coach and as a performer in the nation’s largest stadiums, I can humbly say that I have done some of it all. I have nearly 3 decades of training & experience, and I am excited to bring a uniquely innovative and comprehensive approach to the world of vocal coaching & artist development!

Everything Lovely is an artist-centric program where we focus on the specific needs of the vocal artist and performer to empower them with knowledge and training so they can walk through this seemingly out-of-reach industry with power and confidence and secure their dreams!


Join me for this FREE class and be sure to stay to the end for a chance to win a

FREE 1:1 Coaching Session!

I'm Taking Years Of Experience & Giving You My Exact Blueprint to Create a Viable Career from YOUR Voice!

Register for "7 Streams - 1 Voice"

Free Masterclass

I'm ready to use my voice to make significant stream of income!

Date: May 1, 2023 | Time:12pm PST

Register for "7 Streams - 1 Voice"

Free Masterclass

You believe your passion is just a hobby and can't be a career.

You are not willing to do the work to build a business from something you love.

You are tired of working so hard on building your vocal talent and not seeing financial return.

You have made SOME money from your voice but want to make more.

You are a vocal performer or artist that has struggled to make money from your voice.

You don't want to make money from your voice and talent.

This class if for you if...

This class is NOT for you if...

Register for "7 Streams - 1 Voice"

Free Masterclass

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