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May 15, 2023

I love this soulful Christmas beat. Being a lover of Christmas, I listen to this song every chance I get. Not only is brilliant and gives you that feel good vibe, Mariah and Nkenge are so cute.


With their brilliant pen, unique production-style and masterful vocal delivery, Nkenge & Mariah perfectly capture the spirit of the season, and encourage us to share the joy of Christmas time with everyone; not just during the holidays’, but throughout the entire year. This jubilant and inspiring first release, "Christmas In My Mind (All the Time)" offers a fresh & modern yet soulful approach to the holiday genre; evoking that nostalgic feeling of warmth & togetherness while keeping your body moving with its upbeat drums and booming 808’s. This feel-good Christmas anthem premiered on Lifetime’s “Merry Little Christmas Wedding”,starring and executive produced by Kelly Rowland and is Nkenge & Mariah’s first ever Christmas original.

Nkenge & Mariah

Christmas in My Mind

2020 DECEMBER 18
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